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Avero Restaurant Software Tips & Tricks

Posted by Avero Team | November 26, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Improve Team Communication

Avero is fortunate to serve as a partner and mentor to over 5,000 restaurants across the globe, so why keep our expert industry knowledge behind closed doors? We want to help all restaurateurs increase efficiency, save time and make more money, and these tips and tricks can do just that.

As we all know, communication is key in this industry. Here are a few tips straight from Avero’s leading restaurant software that can help restaurant teams increase communication while gaining a better understanding of what is going on in all outlets.

  • Customize the daily logbook: You can centralize communication across your whole team by implementing the Avero Logbook. Customize the layout to collect the most essential pieces of information from service, and include employee documentation, VIP information, daily specials, service success or issues, and much more. Any user can enter in notes for their business, and all commentary will be linked to their name for easy communication across shifts and top-down visibility.

  • Automate the logbook distribution: Don’t just access the logbook, but also set it up for automatic daily distribution to anyone and everyone you want. Corporate users can receive all the logbooks in one email, while outlet-level users can receive information for just their restaurant. It’s easy to customize, and once you set it up your team is ready to receive it daily.

  • Easily search for historical information: Forget the days of searching through paper notebooks, email chains and blog posts for comments from last week, month or year -- the Avero Logbook is 100% searchable, so you can always look back at performance week over week, month over month and year over year, and see all the notes associated with that day.

You can’t be in your restaurants 24 hours a day. The Avero Logbook is a very easy-to-use tool that helps see your business anytime, anywhere -- learn more and get started today