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Improve Restaurant Service Using Avero Software

Posted by Avero Team | December 03, 2013

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Improve Guest Experience

Service is always a hot topic of conversation in the hospitality industry because every restaurateur strives to provide great experiences for their guests. However, there are so many factors that go into providing great service and so little transparency into how each variable is performing. As the holiday season is in full swing and you are striving for ways to make the guest experience extra special, use Avero to gain insights into many of the factors that contribute to your service experience.

  • Drive the brand experience: Determine key brand experience components such as signature guacamole or sharable sides, and easily gain insight into how each server is contributing to these item sales. Then set goals and track the teams progress with Avero's Service Team tools so that you can target pre-shift conversations, weekly contests and trainings for better results. Ultimately see the impact of your brand experience goals on the floor with the guest and in Avero with average check and sales growth.

  • Improve server performance: Spend your valuable time wisely by mentoring servers who are having the largest negative impact on your operation. With the Avero Service Team tools, you can rank servers in a peer group by average check to determine who is not only far below the teams average check, but also interacting with a large amount of your guests, then gain insight into specific areas of opportunity for the server so that you can target your strategy, goals and conversations for success.

  • Optimize your table layout: Are you trying to turn large parties quickly? Do you want to drive average check on slower nights? Who's your best server to get these jobs done? With Avero Service Team tools, you can pull servers’ average checks and turn times by party size so that you can efficiently leverage your greatest asset: your team.

Don't let opportunities to improve the guest experience and drive profits slip through the cracks this holiday season. Avero's software can empower your managers with the right insights to make impactful changes to the operation -- learn more and get started today.