April’s YOY Decrease in Sales Misses Restaurants with Lower Average Check

Avero Index April 2019

Following a strong performance in March, restaurants unfortunately experienced losses this April. Nationally, restaurant sales dropped 0.2 percent compared to last year. Across dining styles, restaurants with a lower average check in the $0 to $25 range were the only restaurants to see an increase in sales this month, up one percent. Restaurants in the middle range with an average check of $50 to $75 saw the greatest drop in sales of 3.0 percent.



Out of all the cities analyzed, Miami saw the greatest increase in sales this April. Continuing a three-month trend of improved sales, Miami restaurants experienced a 4.6 percent increase over last April.

Anthony Frunzi, director of food, beverage and nightlife, for the Miami Beach Edition Hotel, views an elongated spring break season as the largest driving force in this month’s sales spike: “Colleges started in March and families finished through April, which for us caused a longer than usual usage of our bar and club venues on property…unlike previous years where Easter/Spring break fell within that 30 day March/April time period. This year was a 60 day stretch,” Frunzi stated.



This April, New York City saw its biggest year-over-year sales drop since 2016. This 4.5 percent overall decrease in gross sales is reflected in a significant 8.3 percent drop in weekend restaurant sales, accompanied by a weekday sales drop of 2.2 percent. The weekend decrease is likely due to consistently cold rainy Friday nights leading into rainy and dark Saturdays every weekend in April.

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NYC by day




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San Fran-2





Isa Gomez