August Restaurant Sales In Washington D.C. Slower Than Usual

Avero Index August 2019

August is typically a slow month for restaurant sales in Washington D.C. With congress out of session and the oppressive heat sending residents in search of nearby beaches, the restaurants were largely left to tourists and left-behind staffers. This August proved to be especially slow, registering a 2.8 percent drop in sales compared to August 2018.

The good news for D.C. restaurants is that despite being down compared to last year, sales are significantly up from July 2019. Washington D.C. is the only city covered in the Avero Index to see a sales decrease in August. Every other city shows a sales increase somewhere between 0.3 and 5.5 percent.



It was a good month for restaurant sales in Atlanta and Miami this August. Both cities show a significant YOY increase in sales compared to August 2018 coming in with a 5.5 and 5.4 percent increase respectively.





The increase in sales in Atlanta and Miami far outstrips the overall performance of National restaurant sales which shows a tiny YOY increase of 0.3 percent. 



Los Angeles restaurant sales remained fairly steady throughout the summer. Sales this August show a 2.9 percent YOY increase compared to last August.



Chicago restaurant sales jumped quite a bit from the unfortunate summer downtrend, coming in at 1.8 percent above YOY sales from August 2018.  



August’s restaurant sales in Las Vegas reflect the national average of just 0.3 percent above August 2018.



New York City finished August with a 1.1 percent YOY sales increase, continuing the slow climb back from a slight dip in sales in June.


Kim Hardy

Kim Hardy