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August 2017 Avero Index

Posted by Isa Gomez | September 01, 2017

The Avero Index is an indicator of year-over-year restaurant industry trends, specifically same-store sales performance. These trends encompass a group of restaurants representing different cuisines, venue types, and average checks, nationally and in the following markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. 

August 2017 Highlights

  • Despite the havoc caused in the South by hurricane Harvey, national same-store-sales were still positive this August at 1.16%. 
  • New York City sales were down -2.2% that seem largely driven down by the -12.5% decrease in breakfast and lunch sales.
  • Las Vegas restaurant sales were up 1.2% this August with increased weekend sales of 2.3% largely driving this months increase. These weekend sales are likely influenced by the large influx in sales due to the Mayweather McGregor fight. 

Avero Index: National, August 2017

National Index Aug 2017-1.png

Avero Index: Atlanta, August 2017

Atlanta Index Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: Chicago, August 2017

Chicago Index Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: Las Vegas by Day of Week, August 2017

LV day of week Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: Los Angeles, August 2017

LA Index Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: New York City by Meal Period, August 2017

NYC Meal Period Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: San Fransisco, August 2017

SF Inex Aug 2017.png

Avero Index: Washington DC, August 2017

DC Index Aug 2017.png

Updated through August 31, 2017

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