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Avero NYC Restaurant Education Experience

Posted by Avero Team | October 21, 2013

Avero Supports the Epicurean Charitable Foundation

Along with being the leading restaurant software company in the industry, Avero also has heart! For over four years, we have been a strong supporter and partner of the Epicurean Charitable Foundation, an organization founded by food and beverage leaders in Las Vegas who wanted to help young leaders’ dreams come true. ECF selects scholarship recipients and funds their hospitality education while mentoring them along the way to becoming the next bright stars in the food and beverage world.

As part of our partnership, Avero selects ECF students to come to New York City for a once-in-a-lifetime restaurant educational experience. Michael Kennedy, VP of F&B for South Point Hotel & Casino, as well as Kelley Jones, Principal of Trust 3 Hospitality, accompanied students Claudia Soler and Vildan Buric, both seniors at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas pursuing degrees in hotel administration. The Avero trip opened their eyes to the larger hospitality world, introduced them to New York City and helped to strengthen the relationships with their respective mentors.

Kennedy writes on the ECF website, “This is the fourth year Avero has offered the NYC experience, which is exclusive to ECF students. The award recipients, along with their mentors, traveled to New York City for a four-day educational immersion into the food and beverage industry. The students met and learned from leading chefs, managers and restaurateurs while experiencing some of the city’s most prominent dining trends. This year, I had the great fortune of joining Vildan, one of my mentees, in addition to Claudia and her mentor, Kelley Jones. We explored the city together and gained a behind-the-scenes look into one of the world’s busiest tourist destinations. We were also privileged to meet with the Avero executive team to learn how the company’s business intelligence technology helps food and beverage operators improve efficiency and guest experience.”

We here at Avero are so proud to give back and help the future leaders of this industry. Check out some photo highlights from the scholarship trip below!

"When I found out I received a trip as part of the Avero New York City Restaurant Educational Experience, I was ecstatic. I was amazed by the entire trip. From the restaurants we visited, to studying about Avero and meeting and learning from some of the best restaurateurs in New York City, it was truly an unforgettable experience." --Vildan


"Getting introduced to the New York City food and beverage industry by Avero was an eye-opening experience! Not only were we exposed to the city that has produced some of the most legendary restaurants, but we also had a full introduction to the importance and impact Avero has crafted for restaurateurs."  --Vildan

"My favorite part was learning about Avero. The employees were all so generous, friendly and happy to be there. I learned how Avero began, how it benefits the food and beverage industry and discovered a few future products that are currently being developed." --Vildan

"This trip absolutely changed the relationship Kelley and I have, as we had only been paired together a few months before the trip. It helped us get to know each other, not only as mentor and protégée, but also as friends." --Claudia

"I have never been to New York City before, but I heard it was a one-of-a-kind city. I can honestly say I was blown away! From Times Square to the Empire State Building, New York is beautiful. The city is full of energy, and it seemed like the people there did everything with a purpose.I would not only recommend this experience to ECF students, but I will be happy to provide guidance and assistance with the application if needed! Anyone who is passionate about this career path will benefit greatly from the Avero experience" --Vildan