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Leading Restaurant Software Provider Hosts Wine Tasting

Posted by Avero Team | September 13, 2013

Leading Restaurant Software Provider Hosts Wine Tasting

Most of you are aware that Avero is a restaurant management software product, but you may not also realize that food and beverage education is critical to our company culture! Our fearless leader, CEO and founder, Damian Mogavero, is King Foodie here in our office, and the employees are his Knights in training!

From our Coffee Education program to beer classes, wine tastings and company-wide cook offs, the Avero staff loves to learn about the latest and greatest in food and beverage. Every six weeks we invite some of our friends from the industry to our office and conduct blind wine tasting events. Damian, who has already achieved Level Three WSET Certification, is one of the most passionate people when it comes to wine education. At each tasting, we choose a region of the world and invite experts on those regions to come together and experience a very unique and special night of wine schooling.

Our last tasting took place Monday, and joining us were Italian wine experts Joe Campanale (dell’anima, L’Apicio, Anfora, L’Artusi), Keith Torres (Omni Wines) and special guest Robert Sietsema, a food writer for Eater. The rules were simple: Each person brought one bottle, 2001 vintage or older and Nebbiolo from Piemonte. The bottles were quickly covered so no one could see the label, and all were tasted in flights of two while nibbling on some delicious cheese from local favorite Bedford Cheese Shop. After each flight the group went around the table describing the sight, smell and taste of the wine and attempting a guess at the year, region and vineyard from which it came.

It was amazing to witness how simple tasting notes could lead these experts to a time and place in the world. After the tasting they all broke bread with homemade pasta from Rana and discussed all that they had learned. The event was a great success, and we cannot wait to continue traveling the globe to our next wine tasting destination. Cheers!

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