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AveroBuzz Tip: Listen to customers using social media

Posted by Isa Gomez | April 12, 2017


The Avero family is excited to welcome the newest addition to our product family, social listening with AveroBuzz. For those of you not yet familiar with Buzz we stand by one basic principle, there is always potential ROI in talking and interacting with your customers. However, social media is not just for talking to your customers but also for listening to them. Hearing what your customers are saying and responding to them is an important way to build relationships and manage reputation.

Here are a few different ways to listen to your customers:

  • Inbound messages – check for direct messages, page posts, and tags that require a response daily across all social media platforms. The key is to respond quickly and politely.
  • Brand mentions – engage with people who have mentioned or tagged your business across the internet. Share the activity, respond, and thank them!
  • Competitor activity – pop over to your competitors pages and profiles to see what they are talking about and who is engaging with them. Don’t be afraid to interact and share when appropriate.

Messages and brand mentions can be both positive and negative. Remember to always keep a positive tone and that responding to negativity with gratitude will almost always pay off in the long run.

Finally, more hands make for lighter work. Divide social posting, responding, and outreach responsibilities among your team, even if it is only a couple of posts per week to get started.