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AveroBuzz Tip: Stay on Brand

Posted by Isa Gomez | April 21, 2017

consistency.pngWhen multiple people on your team are involved in managing your external facing material, including your social media presence, it is important to stay on brand. This means setting clear guidelines for your team. Using AveroBuzz to manage all your social media can help you manage your brand in multiple ways:

  1. By properly managing user access to different platforms or different capabilities within AveroBuzz you can control who is responsible for posting content. For example, you can assign members of your team the ability to only read what is being said about your business while others have the ability to actually respond and post. This means only those team members you have confidence in to stay on brand responsibly can post messages on behalf of your business.
  2. By leaving notes on every mention or conversation in AveroBuzz you can directly assign members of your team to respond to messages across platforms. If you receive a tweet related to a customer service issue, you can have leave a note on that tweet directing your customer service team member to respond to the message. If it is a marketing solicitor you can assign someone from your business team to handle that message, and so on.
  3. By connecting all your social media platforms to AveroBuzz, you can easily ensure that your messaging is on brand across all channels. You can quickly and easily confirm that the content you are posting on Twitter aligns in tone and context to those on Instagram, Facebook pages, and other platforms.