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Food, Wine & Tech: Magical Combinations

Posted by Avero Team | December 29, 2016

Food, Wine & Tech: Magical Combinations

There is a famous saying from prolific wine merchant and writer Andre Simon: “Food without wine is a corpse; wine without food is a ghost; united and well matched they are as body and soul, living partners.” This is one of many key reasons that Avero is expanding into the wine industry and marketing technology.

Avero understands that the common thread across all our customers is coming up with magical combinations that create magical experiences, and underlying all those combinations is hospitality. But in an ever-competitive world that seems to be moving at the speed of light, it’s the perfect pairing of technology and business that enables us to create those magical experiences. Whether it’s our core products that help restaurant operators be more profitable and sustainable, or our new marketing products that will help them better understand customers and respond to them in real time, the future is all about putting these elements together in perfect harmony. Magic!

With Avero’s offices in New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, and now Napa Valley, we are fortunate to work with and near some of the most magical hospitality experiences in the world. From Danny Meyer and his transcendent philosophy on customer service, to Michael Chiarello, Thomas Keller, Sondra Bernstein, and so many more, each of these amazing chefs and restaurateurs are working hard to marry technology and hospitality. Whether it’s Googling you before you attend the restaurant or using social media to service you, these innovators are weaving together the digital and real worlds to create exceptional experiences.

For example, new Avero family member Paul Mabray recently filled out an online form to book a trip to SingleThread Farms but did not get an immediate response. In a world of instant gratification, this worried Paul, so after waiting a bit he tweeted at SingleThread for help. To his great surprise and delight, they immediately responded to him via direct message (on Christmas Eve, no less!) with the below message, then confirmed his trip just in time for him to put it under the tree. With just one direct message on Twitter, SingleThread Farms augmented Paul’s experience by weaving together digital and reality.

As Avero looks ahead to 2017, the burning question for us is, “How can we create stories like the one above, how can we push the envelope even further to help hospitality professionals know in the moment how to layer digital on the real world to create a perfect pairing – like food and wine – that in turn create exceptional customer experiences.

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