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Happy Birthday, Hashtag! #happybirthday

Posted by Marcy Stumpf | August 31, 2017


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Did you know the hashtag is 10 years old? It was on August 23, 2007 that Chris Messina tweeted the suggestion of using the pound sign in front of a specific topic.

Chris Messina hashtag.jpgToday, the world shares on average 125 million hashtags in a day. #thatsalot

Nevertheless, the hashtag remains an effective tool in linking together themes, events, trends, and movements. The effective use of a hashtag will help drive awareness to your brand and content, and let's you listen and join in to important conversations on social media.

On the flipside, there is also hashtag abuse. The phrase "hashtag soup" - too many hashtags in one post - or the run-on hashtag, for example #ahashtagthatisjustalongstringofwordsstucktogether, should be avoided when practicing social media do's and don'ts.

No one has made our obsession with hashtags and its overuse and abuse funnier than Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake:


So many hashtags, so little time. How will you keep up? Consider this - here are the top 10 hashtags in 2017:

1. #love

2. #instagood

3. #photooftheday


5. #beautiful

6. #cute


8. #happy

9. #fashion

10. #followme

What will you hashtag next?

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