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Avero Index November 2017 - Warm Weather Drives Restaurant Sales

Posted by Isa Gomez | December 08, 2017

The Avero Index tracks year-over-year same-store sales performance of restaurants representing different cuisines, venue types, and average checks, nationally and in several specific markets.

November 2017 Highlights:

An abnormally warm November across the country has led to strong restaurant sales in all the cities analyzed in the monthly Avero Index. Every city shows increased sales this November compared to November 2016, likely because the warmer weather kept diners heading out to local restaurants for their meals. Nationally, restaurants had a 1.2% increase in same store sales this year over last.









Similarly, Atlanta also saw a strong month of sales due to the warmer weather. Ryan Pernice, owner and founder of
RO Hospitality in Atlanta, says, “the Atlanta area has seen warmer than average weather through late fall, and I know we’ve had more action on our outdoor space that usual. It’s great to continue seating those outside areas as long as possible. Furthermore, I think UGA’s winning football season put people in a mood to watch the games in their favorite neighborhood restaurant/bar and celebrate the wins afterwards.”










Washington D.C. saw a serious 7.1% boost this month compared to last year. This increase is likely due to the relative stability of this November compared to the craziness in the capital last November during the presidential election.











New York City saw an increase of 2.9% this November, which is largely due to strong weekday sales of 4.2%. The particularly warm November in New York drove restaurant goers out for weekday meals.













Las Vegas also had strong weekday sales of 3.6%. These strong weekday sales helped Las Vegas total restaurant sales grow 2.0% over last November.












San Francisco had the best performance among all the cities analyzed in the Avero Index, with November 2017 sales 9.0% higher than 2016. According to Anthony Kinn, Vice President of Operations of Mina Group in San Francisco, this growth is largely due to Dreamforce (Salesforce’s Annual Conference) occurring in November this year instead of October, as it did in 2016. Dreamforce is known for bringing business into the San Francisco area with more than 170,000 attendees joining the tech conference.


























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