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Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: How to Improve Nightclub Performance

July 27, 2016 | By Avero Team

The nightclub industry was in economic ruin after the 2008 recession, but despite hard losses the industry has bounced back with annual growth expecting to amount to $2.2 billion from 2011-2016. Still, nightclub operators and managers should keep.

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Avero Hosts 3rd Annual C-CAP Externship

July 21, 2016 | By Avero Team

Earlier this week, Avero hosted two recent high school graduates and taught them the ins and outs of the hospitality industry, restaurant technology solutions, and much more as part of the third annual Careers through Culinary Arts Program.

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Fraud Fridays: The Problem with Cash Payments

July 15, 2016 | By Avero Team

Restaurant servers and bartenders don't like dealing with monetary bills, dispensing change, doing quick math in their heads, right? Wrong. If a restaurant guest orders two beers with cash in hand, a server or bartender can quickly determine the.

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Tips & Tricks: How to Calculate & Reduce Restaurant Food Costs

July 05, 2016 | By Avero Team

So your restaurant makes great food, but does it make great profits? Restaurant food costs typically range from 25-35% of total sales dollars. It’s best to aim for the lower end of that range if your restaurant has higher labor and overhead.

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Why Management Software is Key for A Successful Event Business

July 01, 2016 | By Avero Team

The following is a guest blog post from Caroline Cox, Content Marketing Specialist at Gather

Whether you’re hosting events in a restaurant’s private dining room, on a building's rooftop, or in a warehouse, brewery, or anywhere in between, being.

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Fraud Fridays: How to Spot a Transfer Scam

June 24, 2016 | By Avero Team

According to a National Restaurant Association study, about 75% of restaurant employees steal from their restaurants. The same study found that the average theft amount per restaurant worker is almost $500/year, which can add up to tens to.

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Welcome Avero Management Program Class of 2016

June 15, 2016 | By Avero Team

Each summer Avero hires recent college graduates and current student interns who have an interest in hospitality to participate in the Avero Management Program, and this year’s class is our largest yet. The summer-long training program "Avero U".

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Avero Index: Atlanta 2016

June 03, 2016 | By Avero Team

As Avero continues to expand our client base of restaurants across the country and around the world, we are able to analyze key restaurant trends in more and more markets. This month, we take an in-depth look at year-over-year, same-store.

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New Technology at National Restaurant Association Show 2016

May 26, 2016 | By Avero Team

We here at Avero are proud to have supported the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show – the industry's largest trade show with over 40,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors – for many years. As the premiere restaurant software company,.

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Fraud Fridays: The People Factor

May 13, 2016 | By Avero Team

There are numerous factors to manage when it comes to daily food and beverage operations, but there’s one that will always be harder to manage than the others: People. You can meticulously plan and forecast overtime, you can cross-train employees.

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