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Restaurant Sales by New York Neighborhood

Posted by Avero Team | September 25, 2013

Restaurant Sales by New York Neighborhood

New York City prides itself on the diversity and uniqueness of its neighborhoods. Given the eclectic food, entertainment and culture that each neighborhood has to offer, going from one neighborhood to another in one day can be as exciting as country-hopping without the expensive plane ticket. At Avero, we were curious to see how restaurant sales differ by New York neighborhood. With our easy-to-use restaurant software, we were able to quickly pull this data over the past year and identify some very interesting trends.

Our data shows that overall, New York restaurants are faring slightly better than this time last year. Sales in the East Village/Lower East Side and the Chelsea/Flatiron neighborhoods are up over last year, whereas other neighborhoods seem to be flat or have become less popular in the past year. The data also confirms that even if sales are up or down compared to the year before, New Yorkers who frequent those neighborhoods like to get out of town in the month of July -- we don't blame them!

We all know that trends in neighborhoods and dining, especially in a city like New York, tend to change over night, so it will be interesting to use Avero’s restaurant data solutions to see where we are next September.