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Restaurants in Las Vegas experience a significant boost in sales this June

Posted by Isa Gomez | July 12, 2019

Avero Index June 2019

The high point for the Avero Index this June is the 5.6 percent increase in sales in Las Vegas. With the best performance out of all cities examined in the Avero Index, the surge in Las Vegas restaurant sales can perhaps be attributed to the fact that the Las Vegas international airport has continued adding nonstop international flights this June increasing travel and tourism to the city. The new flights paths have shown significant economic impact that is clearly spilling out into the local restaurant market. We will have to continue to track this new influx in tourism and see how it affects restaurant sales moving forward.



In contrast, Washington D.C. restaurant sales dropped by 5.7 percent in June. While lunch and breakfast sales held strong, a large decrease in dinner sales of 10.3 percent drove this significant drop in overall DC restaurant sales. Looking at sales across different types of restaurants, steakhouses in the capital had the best performance with sales increasing by 2 percent while Asian restaurants had the most significant drop of 10 percent.



Nationally, while gross sales held strong, overall traffic to restaurants went down by 2 percent. The increase in average check nationally outweighed the drop in traffic to maintain an overall increase in sales of 2 percent. Restaurants in the $0 to $25 range saw the greatest increase in average check by 3 percent and restaurants in the $75 to $100 range had the greatest drop of 1 percent.



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