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Social Media Dos & Don'ts

Posted by Marcy Stumpf | July 11, 2017

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Social media continues to be on the rise, and it is an innovative marketing tool for hospitality operators. Digital engagement and sharing lets you spread the word far and wide, and in an instant. Anything is possible in the realm of social media interaction, and knowing how to handle this highly visible digital space is an empowering game changer.

To help navigate these waters, here are some universal guidelines to keep in mind: 

  • Stay calm & positive – This may seem logical in theory, but active practice of this principle is key. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s negativity. Instead, take a breath and always respond with gratitude and grace, just like you would face to face with a customer in your establishment. Ultimately, this approach guards your brand and grows your online reputation. Along with your positivity, steer clear of complaining or writing negatively about your competition. It only comes back to haunt you.

  • Listen & be you – As hospitality operators you live in a fast-paced world, and sometimes details escape us - we're only human. Paying attention to what your customers are saying by really listening builds loyal and lasting relationships. Show them who you are, what you value, and treat them like family. After all, that is what genuine hospitality is all about. Ramey Wine Cellars recently tweeted a video giving an inside look to who they are: 
  • Keep it simple – While hashtags are a fun way to align with relevant trends, avoid “hashtag soup” – run-on hashtags or hashtags just for the sake of creating hashtags. HubSpot suggests two hashtags max on Twitter, for example,  as analytics have shown a 17% drop in engagement with tweets that have more than two hastags.
  • Ace it – Don’t disappoint your grade school teachers with terrible grammar and lousy misspellings. Be on your A game and proofread, or even have another pair of eyes proofread for you. The extra time spent to ensure your post is polished shows off your dedication to authenticity and the best service for your customers.

    It’s always best to follow your gut when engaging in social media. Keep our below Social Media Dos & Don’ts Guide handy, and refer to it often.