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Whatever The Weather, Whether We Like It Or Not

Posted by Marcy Stumpf | July 26, 2017


Winter hotel resorts rely on snow and beautiful skiing conditions to attract hotel guests throughout the colder seasons. Oppositely, sunshine, sand, and waves draw guests to beach and warm weather resorts worldwide. It is no mystery that during off peak seasons, the weather plays a large role in determining the quantity and frequency of guests coming to eat and drink at hotel Food & Beverage outlets. As an operator, it becomes imperative for you to determine the best ways to maximize profits during these stretches. 

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  • Analyze your local clientele - Eating habits, affinity for a certain cuisine, ingredients, or level of dining most likely varies with the seasons. Adapt by swapping your menu concept to fit the current climate - serve fresh seafood fare in the summer and feed the mood with cozy comfort dishes in the winter. Your locals will love the variety and be your loyal customers no matter the weather.

  • Get involved in your local community - Although the hotel may attract customers from all over the world, there's a large opportunity for locals to experience world-class dining at your restaurants. It can be as simple as offering promotions or cooking classes, participating in your area's food festival, or hosting seasonal charity events. Being a presence shows your dedication and fosters support from your community.

  • Rethink your top meal periods - In ski season, your top meal period may be entertaining après ski as tired skiers head off the slopes, but in summer, a relaxing day by the pool yearns for a formal dinner in the evening. Adjust for these changes accordingly by tailoring happy hour menus or specials to the particular crowd you're expecting.

Take a look at this figure of gross F&B sales across 8 luxury winter hotel properties located across Wyoming, New Mexico, British Columbia, and Colorado.

Pasted image at 2017_07_24 05_46 PM.png

Between February and June 2016, these 8 hotel operators saw a 43% drop in gross sales; however, between August and December 2016, the same 8 hotel operators saw a 92% rise in gross sales. December unanimously saw the highest gross sales across all 8 luxury winter resorts, and in the case of one outlet December F&B sales were as high as 2.4x the August sales in the same year.

Hotel operators across the globe are focusing more on providing visitors with an incredible experience at the bars and restaurants located on premises. Your guests are no longer making travel plans solely around the destination, but frequently base their decision on the F&B options available to them. 

In short, weather the weather by sharing your wealth of Food & Beverage options with travelers and locals alike, and improve your operations while doing so. A little change can make a big impact in the long run!